Monday, February 24, 2014

Changing the Way We Teach

I have to say that having students come in, sit down, get out their paper, pens and books and listen to me talk for an hour and a half isn't the way I teach.  I thought is was so very boring when I was in school and I think most kids (big kids included) want to do something in class, have fun, set their own goals and work to reach their goals.  I normally teach adults and I know that older people aren't as rambunctious as children.  However, like the lady in the video, I make my classrooms as open and non-constricting to movement as possible.  I want people to get up walk around talk to people and ask questions, but most of all, I want them to be empowered enough to become, more or less, their own teachers.  Yes, I play an important role in the classroom as the only native speaker of English, but they should spend more time talking than I do.  In lower levels, it's difficult to step aside, especially when the grammatical mistakes seem to multiply exponentially, but sometimes allowing students to talk freely helps them build confidence.  Try letting other students be the ones correcting their peers.  Split them into small groups, and have them work together to complete a project, like a role-play. It's a lot of fun for them and it will be fun for you too because you can see in real-time what your students have learned.

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