Saturday, March 22, 2014

ESL Easter Lesson Plans

I love spring!  Color comes back into the world, snow melts and the air warms my lungs. I have a collection of fun activities to share with you from the net that will surely cut down on your stress level, warm your heart and make the students happy, too.

One thing I found was a lesson plan for young children.  There are songs and an Easter egg hunt included with a little lesson on prepositions and there's even a pin the tail on the bunny game. Here's the link: 

Boggle's World ESL has a lot of fun things to do with students.   My favorite is the Bingo game maker.  You can create as many bingo cards as you need simply by refreshing the bingo game page.  Here's the link:  There are also drawing and writing exercises for young children.

If you teach British English and are looking for a gap-fill exercise here's an online one students could do as homework. 

One thing that would be easy to teach or practice with students during Easter is prepositions.  I have acquired quite a bit of material for teaching prepositions over the years and you can find the material here:  I hope the explanations and material help in preparing for class. 

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