Friday, March 14, 2014

Earth Day for ESL

When you think about Earth Day, what do you think about?  Planting a tree, recycling, donating time to clean a local highway or along a river?  There are a lot of activities you can join in on in order to celebrate Earth Day.  Getting your students involved is also easy.  There are a lot of learning opportunities on this special spring day.  Here is a link to a website you must be a member of to download the resources, but there are tons of them and it's not expensive.  While I'm telling you about websites you have to pay for, here's another  It costs $19.99 per year and has lots of resources for teachers.
In my last blog post I introduced you to a British website which has resources for homeschoolers.  Here's the link to their Earth Day projects  You have to join their group, but it's free and loaded with activities for all age groups.

Reading Activities
If you need reading activities for the class, here's a site that has a short article on Earth Day and activities that follow it.  Just copy, paste and print. 

Are you looking for printable material?  One place to look is on this blog She's posted a board game you can easily download and print.
Online Games
This website has a lot of online games for both children and 'young at heart'.  Go play and learn some English, too.

 If you're looking for a cool Earth Day poster to download and print, here's one

Crossword Puzzle
Here's a link to a crossword puzzle 

Word Search Puzzle
Here's a link to a printable word search puzzle. 

If you want to show a short video about Earth Hour, the hour that everyone should turn off their lights, here's the link

Memory Game
I also found a really cool link to an interactive memory game.

Interactive Puzzle
If your students like puzzles, but you can't print them out and make them sturdy enough to reuse, here's a link to an interactive puzzle.
Recycling Activities

There are so many different resources on this site that you are sure to find something that you can use.  Go look, and I wish you a lot of fun on Earth Day!

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